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The concrete fire pit is the perfect way to create ambiance anywhere. This hand-cast, concrete vessel is made from natural materials that complement any indoor or outdoor living space. Modern and durable the fire bowl is the perfect way to add warmth and an inviting focal point anywhere. Light the fire bowl with clean-burning and odorless isopropyl/rubbin alcohol or bio-ethanol. More powerful than candles and without smoke or soot. Comes complete with a hand-cast fire bowl, stainless steel burner cup (plain concrete style) or empty fuel can (geode styles) and cork pad on the bottom. Geode styles also include 3 oz fireproof glass marbles. No fuel included.
Burns smokeless, odorless, and completely clean. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use! Size 5 in w / 4 in h for plain concrete style
5.5 in w / 3 in h for geode styles
Handcrafted Since it is made by human shading and size of concrete and geode part can vary slightly. You will receive a unique tabletop fireplace and will not be exactly the same as that in the photos.

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