Concrete Garden Decor

Castart Studios is an innovative Canadian manufacturer of original designs in garden statuary, ornaments, sculpture, birdbaths, fountains, benches, lanterns, planters, and our popular face collection. They create modern interpretations of classic designs and unique originals and continually innovate with new designs being created on an ongoing basis.

They have themed collections that include: Ancient World, Buddhism / Eastern / Asian, Butterfly, Classics, Dragonfly, Frogs,  Gargoyle / Mythological, Hummingbird, and Turtles / Fish / Otters.

Castart Studios CAST Quality. Original ART.

These exclusive concrete blends are durable and weather worthy, built to stand cold Canadian winters. Each piece is hand finished in one of four natural colours: Ancient Stone, Basalt Grey, Western Slate or York Stone.

They are made from a special blend of  that is durable yet lighter than regular concrete allowing the design and production of large but manageable pieces.

This top-quality concrete can stay outside all year round (with the exception of items that collect water; birdbath bowls, fountains etc., we recommend covering, inverting or taking in these particular items in the winter). These products have been exposed to the harsh conditions of the Canadian prairie winter for many years now, without significant problems.

Please contact us by email at info@twbhomedecor or by phone at 306-775-3531 for current pricing. 


They offer a choice of finishes, from left to right; Western Slate, York Stone, Basalt Grey & Ancient Stone. The stains will not wash off nor fade in the sun under normal use, however, excessive abrasive cleaning and wear may reveal the grey concrete underneath. Please note that finishes are hand-applied and will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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