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In a province where tracking rainfall is nearly a national sport, our artisan rain gauges are a must-have. Expertly crafted by a dedicated family-owned business, these gauges not only measure rainfall with precision but also enhance your space with their elegant design.

Constructed from high-gloss, powder-coated steel, each rain gauge stands proudly at 30 inches on a robust stake made from 1/4” round tubing, finished in a sleek black powder coat. The sturdy, weather-resistant materials ensure longevity and reliability, perfect for avid rainfall watchers.

Included is a clear glass vial, accurately calibrated to help you keep a close eye on rainfall.

Key Features:

- Robust Build: High-gloss powder-coated steel, designed for durability.
- Sturdy Stake: 30” high, crafted from 1/4" round tubing with a black powder finish.
- Accurate Measurement: Includes a vial for precise rain tracking.
- Elegant Design: Combines functionality with visual appeal.
- Weather-Resistant: Ready to face the elements, essential for outdoor use.

Whether you're a gardening aficionado or a farmer, our rain gauges are perfect for everyone. Track rainfall like a pro and add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

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