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Whether you’re stressed, exhausted or simply done, sometimes we all need to escape. The rich scents of patchouli, grapefruit and sandalwood meet to help you ascend to a different time and a different place - at least in your imagination.

Scent Profile: Sandalwood,

Patchouli and Grapefruit

Weight: 180g/6.3oz


With a cheerful blend of

Blackberry, Lemon and

Bergamot, our Violet Drip is sure to turn some heads. Or at least some noses. Let this bar add a special something to your shower routine. You’ll be glad you did.

Scent Profile: Blackberry,

Lemon and Bergamot

Weight: 180g/6.3oz


Everyone deserves to treat themselves, every day. The Rojo Drip bar is our little way of helping you out. Its fruity infusion of mango and berries evokes a luscious, sugared profile that is sure to please even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Scent Profile: Strawberry,

Raspberry and Mango

Weight: 180g/6.3oz

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