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(65-70 grams // 100+ uses // eliminates 5 plastic bottle)

We have all used a conditioner bar that came up short - difficult to apply, too firm, too waxy, doesn’t provide that lovely slip we look for. 

These conditioner bars are protein and vitamin enriched, allowing them to glide smoothly through your freshly washed locks while closing those cuticles to ensure your hair stays soft and free of frizz. This conditioner is super concentrated, lasting over 100+ washes when stored correctly - saving you money and saving plastic from the landfill. As with our shampoo bars, each ingredient is specially combined to care for your specific hair type. 

Bonus – you can use all our conditioner bars as a leave-in conditioner treatment and shave bars as well. Our favourite way to use the conditioner bar is to comb it through with a wide tooth comb in the shower before rinsing.

Make sure there is a nice amount of water in your hair to allow the conditioner to disperse fully through your hair. The conditioner can be left in your hair for up to 15 minutes but it is not necessary, the full effect will be achieved after a few minutes. Usually 8 to 10 downward swipes with the conditioner bar is sufficient for a beautiful result. You can quickly dip your hair under the shower water to ensure the conditioner reaches every strand. Rinse out well and style as usual. Our conditioner bars can be used as a leave in. Simply wet the conditioner bar and rub a small amount onto your hands and then smooth through the ends of your hair.

Keep bars dry between uses.

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