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Ready to complement your bed, your body, and your sleep tonight with these top-rated organic bamboo sheets for hot sleepers?

Enjoy our softest, coolest Hush Iced fabric in the form of our new bedsheets!

The Hush Iced Sheet is 100% sustainably sourced and made.

Not to mention these bamboo bed sheets are naturally anti-bacterial (as well as heat and sweat-wicking) which means a cleaner, longer-lasting bed sheet set!

No pilling and every wash only makes it soft as butter without losing the unique cooling effect.

This set includes:

  • One Fitted sheet
  • One Top Sheet
  • Two Standard Size pillowcases (only one in the Twin and TwinXL size)
  • OR Two King-sized pillowcases included in King set.

Sleep like you never have before and complete your Hush Iced look with this sweat-wicking, high-quality sheets set.

Best part? These Sheets never slide off the corners of your bed. They have a 
harnessing system that secures each corner of your bed. 

Material: 100% Organic Viscose Bamboo (yup, these are bamboo sheets).

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