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Smooth it on your lips as often as you want.



Pineapple and mint seem like a bit of an odd combination at first.  Then you put
them together and magic happens.  That's right – Magic.


Wild Berry

This balm is like a big bowl of freshly picked wild berries...A tangy,
refreshing aromatic adventure.



Peaches.  Juicy Peaches.  Peach Pie.  Peach Smoothies.  Peaches 'n Cream.
Peach Cider.  This balm is the Peachiest...Oh, and it's also
super-smooth and really moisturizing!


Coconut Lemon

Smells like cake :)


Raspberry Pomegranate

This balm is scented with a refreshing blend of tangy raspberry and mellow pomegranate that may result in a smile-inducing magical lip experience.



Crazy fact:  Banana's are actually berries...the things you find on Google when you're supposed to be working, right?



This balm is an instant flashback to childhood memories of sipping root beer in the summer sunshine on lazy Sunday afternoon's.


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