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What are beverage bombs? 

Make & take anywhere, delicious all in one diffusible coffee and tea bombs. Now anyone can enjoy barista quality beverages at home, the office, camping or travelling. 

Our delicious coffee beverage bombs are gift packed with 6 bombs and brew bags. Rich medium coffee masterfully combined with pure cane sugar, extracts & spices for an amazing taste experience.

Extra special when prepared with hot milk, or dairy alternative - these lattes will rock your world!  Just place the bomb in one of our brew bags (included) or a fine mesh infuser basket, add 1 cup boiling water steep 5 min.- add 3/4 cup of heated/foamed milk or alternative, wait another 3-5 minutes, stir & enjoy!  Also delicious with just water.

Ingredient Information - gluten free & vegan

Mochaccino coffee - pure cane sugar, Belgian chocolate coffee, water, organic cacao nibs, cinnamon & pure vanilla extract.

Caramel Macchiato coffee - pure cane sugar, medium roast coffee, water, flavour, vanilla, himalayan rock salt.

Rocky Mountain Maple coffee (seasonal)- pure cane sugar, maple medium roast coffee, water, Canadian maple syrup, flavour.

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