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TWB 13 Wick Dough Bowl Candle - Natural Wood

TWB 13 Wick Dough Bowl Candle - Natural Wood

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Each dough bowl is handed carved and will vary slightly in appearance and size. Dough bowl is available in natural wood or distressd white. Each candle is filled with 100% natural coconut & soy wax blend. 

When burning all wicks are to be lit at once and burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Burn for 2 hours for your first burn to ensure the entire top is a melt pool. 

When the candle is gone just wipe clean with warm water and decorate as you please. 

Approx. size: 40” L X 5-7” W X 3-4” DEEP

They are hand poured in small batches.

Poured with love, locally in Emerald Park, exclusively for TWB Home Decor.

Why coconut & soy wax?
Vegetable waxes provide improved fragrance loading and a longer, cleaner burn. They are also a renewable resource, with the ability to be replenished at a faster rate, providing sustainability. 


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Pecan Pie - Pecan, Maple, Vanilla
Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Vanilla
Spa Day - Creamy Vanilla
Spiked Punch - Cherry, Peach, Spiced Rum
Sugar Cookie - Cream, Sugar, Vanilla
Winter Wonderland - Blue Spruce, Cedar, Mint


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