Epic Blend Bar Soap – TWB Home Decor
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Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor
Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor
Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor
Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor
Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor
Epic Blend Bar Soap - TWB Home Decor

Epic Blend Bar Soap

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Massage over wet skin, rinse.

Sing a bit...it’s the shower after all.

Use a washcloth or puff for extra lather. 


Coconut Cream

This rich and creamy coconut bar of soap is the perfect way to clean up
in tropical style. With a delicious coconut scent, it's like holding a vacation in the
palm of your hand. Made with a trifecta of organic creamed coconut, organic
coconut oil, and organic coconut extract you might think you should eat it and
not wash with it. But definitely don't eat it, it tastes terrible, because it's soap.
Really great smelling, moisturizing soap...but still soap.


Lavender Orange

Funny how telling someone to calm down always seems to have the opposite effect...
so we're definitely not telling you to calm down ;) Instead, we made a bar of soap
with a mind-calming scent - a soothing blend
of lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Combined with a gentle soap
base and skin-softening glycerin you can use it any time you want a
little calm in your life...or just clean hands.



Avocados make some pretty delicious guacamole and can turn a simple piece
of toast into a magical experience. But avos are pretty great for your skin too -
Full of monounsaturated fatty acids, and loads of natural vitamin E –
great for smoothing and moisturizing. We’ve added a healthy dose of avocado oil
as well as soothing French green clay and an extra shot of natural vitamin E for a gentle,
antioxidant rich, skintastic little bar of soap. Am I the only one craving nachos and guac?


Lemon Grass

Bold and saucy, super-fresh lemongrass to put a little pep in your step…
some getup in your go…a bit of moxie in your morning. Natural soap infused with
extra coconut and sunflower oils for just the right balance of moisture
and soapy goodness…and that lemongrass scent.


Citrus Mint

Get it all with this special blend - naturally derived soap, naturally hydrating oils,
and naturally refreshing scent. Plus a bonus shot of activated charcoal,
which binds to dirt and sucks it right out of your pores.
Wash up - unclog pores - smell fantastic – go have fun!

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