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Yard Art/Garden Decor! This decorative wall-mounted metal art bee is handcrafted from steel and finalized with automotive paint and then powder coated to give the stylish elegant finished product look/visual appeal.

Metal art products are made to be resistant to chips and scratches and have a rust protection feature making these Metal Wall Art Bumblebees good for both interior decor/decor and outdoor use as garden ornaments and finish, providing year-round rust protection.

This metal art bee is perfect for livening up a garden, backyard or patio and will certainly engage company due to its bright design and pattern. This product is equipped with washers to be easily mounted on fences or decks.

This bee makes the perfect gift for any occasion due to its unique design. You can also treat yourself to a buzzing, colourful, and eye-catching piece of outdoor garden decor.

Approx. Size: 11 inches x 11 inches x 4 inches

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